Spirit of Sompoton. Inspired by the rich culture and ancient philosophy from The Land Below the Wind, Sabah, Sompoton Spa was created. True to its name, which was taken from an indigenous tribal flute, Sompoton Spa features a vast array of therapeutic healing treatments that will serenade you into a blissful state of relaxation. Incorporating the natural ingredients from the bountiful harvest of Mother Nature, filled with anti-oxidants, minerals and deep hydration, our treatments are designed not only to alleviate stress and physical tension, but also balance the body, mind and spirit interdependence that contribute to your overall holistic well-being. Come to the realm of Sompoton Spa, where tranquil sanctuary awaits you.

For further inquiries, please contact our Customer Service at

  • Tel No.: 603-3123 3888 (Ext 8818) or our direct line at 603-31222961
  • Business Hours : Tuesday - Sunday from 11am till 8pm. Closed on Monday.