Outdoor Activities

Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is located on lobby level, beside Carey’s Cafe. It has a breathtaking view of golf course.

Adult & Kid’s ATV

Explore the greenery nature and tranquil surroundings of with our ATV. Join us and experience the fun, challenging and exciting ATV rides at our challenging course.

Flying Fox

Test your nerve and your balance by crossing the obstacles in the trees (gracefully or otherwise!) and enjoy the exercise as well as the height-induced adrenaline rush.

Paintball Battle Field

Dodge exploding pellets and gun down the enemy in simulated skirmishes. Not only is paintballing great fun, it’ll test your skills of endurance, quick-thinking, leadership and teamwork.

Animal Island

Kids, visit our furry friends at this island and take advantage of the beautiful surroundings

Rock Climbing

Not for the faint hearted! Experience the challenge of rock climbing with us.

Boat Ride

Boat Rides are not about rushing… time to take it easy and say goodbye to your stress at our jetty!


Ever wonder what it feels like to draw back a bow and let an arrow fly? Live out your Robin Hood fantasies on our archery course.


The seductive power of the water invites you to discovery. It is so hard to take your eyes off it and yet so easy to slide over its surface.